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Freelance Author – Producer – Entrepreneur – Bio -Carl Toersbijns is a seasoned writer and a dedicated professional with extensive experience in the field of corrections. His writings reflect a conservative perspective infused with strong libertarian values. While respecting liberalism, Carl approaches it from a non-political standpoint. Throughout his career, Carl has held various roles within the corrections system, including: – **Correctional Officer I, II, and III (Captain)** – **Chief of Security** at a mental health treatment center – **Program Director** – **Associate Warden** – **Deputy Warden of Administration and Operation** in both the New Mexico and Arizona Departments of Corrections ³. Carl’s literary contributions span a wide range of topics, from gripping prison narratives to thought-provoking explorations of human struggles

Carl R Toersbijns

From the Womb to
the Tomb



An in-depth book about twenty-six-year-old Tony Lesters preventable suicide and how he struggled to be recognized as a special needs person from the time he was arrested to the time he died. Real case documentation that has been validated by internal reports and inspections. This book will make you think about the role the criminal justice system plays with those seriously mentally ill and experiencing coping and functional difficulties.